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Gender Police

Gender Police

It started with the harsh noises; the rolling of the wheels on pavement, then the sounds of slapping boards against walls, benches, or whatever may hard scape was there to jump to and bounce off. When there are 16 boarders coming in a wave, it is quite a racket. They would approach walkers, photographers, etc. and swoop by them, sometimes cutting in front. These are good skateboarders. They didn't touch anyone and I didn't a sense anyone threaten. The experience was sort of like "buzzing the tower" from the Tom Cruise's "Top Gun". (song: Danger Zone) This was their idea for fun; no harm, no foul, they were just pitching "chin music" to gather our attentions.

They told me their group name but to many, the word used is derogatory to a particular group. It certainly was not the Sharks or the Jets. So I researched the word to see how it would apply to these rebellious skateboarders. Apparently, to our more masculine youthful society members, this word is used to intimidate their peers or at least to point out to others (like walkers and photographers) that they are lesser than them; certainly when it comes to skateboarding. The definition used by psychologists for this form of behavior is called "Gender Policing", hence the the photograph is called "Gender Police".

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