The Claude Monet collection displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, fostered my first understanding of impressionism. I turned to my friend Keith as we finished strolling the exhibition, reviewing the heavy brush strokes Monet used in his final years, and complained: “I donʼt get it. I understand that Monet was blind at this point in his life and quite frankly it shows in the paintings". Just then, I happened to look back into the room from where we had just come and, saw the "Oriental Bridge" and bam...

Oriental Bridge - Monet

...all the colors came together and the vibrant scene became real, sending a chill up my spine. “The rooms are too small. I have been looking too closely at this work. It needs to be seen at the proper distance. That must be what Monet expected,” I announced. Hence, my understanding of broken color and the spacing needed for my eye to meld the colors together.

I love impressionism and use some camera techniques that give a photograph an impressionistic look and feel. Certainly that was my goal with "Boston Impressions" and "Green and Black Impression". Seeking reflections off the rippled water is a tool to achieve broken color; exemplified by the photos in the series including "Thin White Birch" and "Pond Lilly Mask", where lily pads and bright sun added to the depth of field, creating a 3D effect. A strong color complemented by muted colors such as in "A Little Mustard On It" and the grass scenes like "Spring Revealed" and  "Old Fence Posts"endeavor to create broken color in my photographs, my brand of impressionism.

jjake beach red umbrella

My wife Elaine describes my photos as "dreamy". Whoʼs to argue with my girl? I guess that has become my style. I believe myself to be a Modern Pictorialist. I admire early American photographers Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Stiechen and of more recent times, Jay Maisel, John Davidson, and Vivian Maier recording the vibrant NY city.

I took a long hiatus from still photograph, switching to video, and loved it; mostly home video, but also producing/filming/editing a number of “pet” commercial projects. With either the still camera or the video, filming your own childrenʼs beautiful faces can make for the best photography education. How can you not be passionate about your children's images; go for the candids; theyʼll be the ones most treasured.

The Universe communicates. I simply listen, see, and receive. My photography mission is to record the beautiful and thought-provoking images that the Universe grants me.

J Jake Icon finished

If I am true to this understanding and remember that I am present to record these gifts without judgement, I find myself following the thoughts and intuitions that pop into my head and I trust them. The path to follow, the image, the framing, the camera settings, and the timing to press the shutter release are never in doubt at such wonderful times. It is with gratitude that I simply accept the image. Along with many other photographs throughout my collection, certainly my "A Common Man's Gatherings" series contains photos that were given freely by the universe to me.

I would like to thank Wade Lindstrom from Canfield Coaching, whose coaching helped me gain real and useful insight into the Law of Attraction. I would also like to thank my in-laws, the DeLorenzo family of South Weymouth, MA, and all the many eclectic friends and relatives who are associated with this “family for the arts”. The DeLorenzo family has produced professional musicians, an artist, a glass artisan, a landscape architect, and all are patrons of the arts.

Best regards, J Jake

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